is a joint project of six Finnish universities of applied sciences, working together to research methods for creating alternative business models in the field of artistic production. Based on the knowledge gained from previous research on the professional challenges faced by artists (for instance Kuvataiteilijan ammattirooli ja osaamistarpeet tulevaisuuden työelämässä, Cupore Publications 2013), one of the main objectives of the project is to develop the teaching of professional skills within UAS art education programs in Finland.

The project partners (Turku UAS, Lapland UAS, Saimaa UAS, Satakunta UAS, Tampere UAS, and Novia UAS) are responsible for different areas of development. While most of the participating universities in the project are working on pilots in affiliation with the professional field, working with businesses, municipalities, and NGOs, Novia UAS is trying to create a deeper understanding of entrepreneurial activity in the arts. The project takes a broader view on the subject by approaching entrepreneurship not only as an economic phenomenon, but as something that involves the whole of society. By adapting the vocabulary of entrepreneurial behaviour, the project creates new ways for artists to talk about their practice in an entrepreneurial way. The project also highlights client based approaches within the field of arts. The client or the customer is studied in different contexts, which lets artists discuss how to use language to describe different relations, as well as how switch between vocabularies when needed.

This website, as part of Novia’s participation in the TaideART project, presents different approaches to the concept of entrepreneurship, as well as various perspectives on the relationship between the producer and consumer in the arts.