Which questions about the individual in society are at the forefront today?

Which questions about artistic works are considered relevant?

How do we relate to the idea of freedom in an artistic and cultural context?

How do you look at the current discussion about entrepreneurial skills? How would you describe your own personal entrepreneurship? Which skills do you value? Which skills do you need or want to develop? What’s your experience of self-organising spaces? Would you like to act in a more self-organised way, and if so, why? What does your network mean to you as an artist? Which contacts make up your own personal network?

How do you look at yourself as a consumer of culture? How do you relate to the concept of the customer? For whom do you produce art? What does co-operation mean to you? Which values do you identify with? Are these values visible in your work as an artist? What does education mean to you? Would you like to change the current art education, and if so, how?